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First 100 customers of FSMS product to receive 25% discount on product price as launch offer

Welcome to eIndia Systems

Making quality decisions requires timely access to the latest, most accurate information. Here in eIndia Systems we help business to get that accurate and latest information by automation. Getting computerized is more relevant than any time before in today’s highly competitive business environment.

Further eIndia Systems offers flexible engagement models and value-based pricing models to suit the budget and business needs of the clients. Here in eIndia Systems we tend to use open source technologies as far as possible to cut on cost.

Current Offers

FSMS product - First 100 customers to receive 25% discount on product price as launch offer


PHP Resources - Hiring 1 to 2 years PHP experience resources

   eIndia Systems value lies in:

  • Quality - Our focus is on the people we serve and we will strive for excellence through evaluation and continuous improvement
  • Commitment - To make sure that customers get what they are promised
  • Honesty - We always believe that honesty is still the best policy


We believe in Technology for one and all, so any organization requires its process/work to be computerized, we are open for the same.

Engagement Models
  • Time & Money (T&M) model
  • Fixed Bid Model
  • Outcome Based Pricing Model
  •    Our Products:

    • FSMS - Fuel Station Management System
    • eProcess - Mini ERP for small/medium manufacturing industries
    • eAdmission - Online admission packages for colleges / universities
    • Election Campaign - App for effective election campaigning